The COVID-19 Virus is wreaking havoc on our economy! Will virtual healthcare play a part in the new normal? Only time will tell!

As small businesses navigate the raging waters of COVID-19 Virus, I notice that many are paralyzed, while others are moving ahead. The reason for their progress is because they are embracing the challenge. These proactive companies are examining processes, assessing technological resources, as well as analyzing employee’s skills and talents. These activities are allowing these companies to gain confidence in their processes while giving way to more effective business management. The overall effect is stronger companies with less anxiety!

Waking up to our Technology potential!

However, something else is happening. The realization that technology will enable us to work remotely without sacrificing the quality of the work product is comforting. We just have to accept the fact that we have to work through the processes.

COVID-19 Virus

Now, what about the COVID-19 Virus? As our local, state, and federal agencies guide us through this unknown territory, we must apply our own technology to address our personal needs and concerns. 

Covid-19 Virus Solution

I become 70 years old this month and have several high-risk medical conditions, healthcare is very much on my mind. Frankly, I have no desire to get out and go to my physician’s office or to a clinic. Especially, with COVID-19 Virus in the picture. I just concluded a phone call with my doctor’s office and instead of me going to see him for test results, I will receive a phone call from him at the appointed time. How cool is that? The dispensing of healthcare through the use of the phone, email, websites, and other methods will integrate well into our daily activities. Some may call this virtual healthcare, but if the quality of care can be maintained then why not? Embracing healthcare delivery in these ways will save lives and gas! Go here to explore the solution!

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