Social Media Content Management, does that phrase instill anxiety or fear? I have been a member of LinkedIn since 2009 and until recently; I was still struggling with the how, what, when, and where of content posting.

When I was posting without a predetermined outline, anxiety would paralyze me and I could not produce the content that I needed. Also, I did not have a clue how, what, when or where to post to motivate visitors to my websites and blog. Then, I discovered a way of systematizing this process and I have not looked back!

The first tool I discovered was a Social Media Content Plan. This tool reduced my anxiety dramatically! Because, now, I had a guide to tell me what and when to post. It was a simple decision! Oddly, I wanted to post. WOW!

So, as I used the Social Media Content Plan, I felt as though I could master the content posting part of digital marketing. However, it was one post at a time, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and start over again. A very slow process, for sure.

Then, I stumbled upon a Social Media Scheduling Tool, that would allow me to schedule posts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms, days, weeks, and months ahead. You set the day and the time for the post and Social Media Scheduling Tool does the rest. It was amazing!

Now, I no longer wring my hands over what to do first and when to do it. I have a social media content management system that takes the anxiety out of the process. Don’t misunderstand, there is a learning curve, but a somewhat short one. Also, it is fun to get the work done and assure that you are doing the things that will get you the results you want.

I hope this information was helpful. Your comments are welcome.